Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Young Living Essential Oils

I am so into this Young Living.
I am so loving essential oils. They are so beneficial and relaxing. So happy I invested on this. You may wanna visit my IG and click the link on the bio for more info. IG: ellayelladel

Ellay and Mommy Convo

Mommy: Neng, natutunaw nako dito
Ellay: Di ka na sanay dito sa Pilipinas, Ma, no? Nagkakasakit ka na po.
M: e ilang taon na din kasi ako nakatira dun e
E: Ilan nga po, Ma? Mga mahigit 25?
M: Oo. Ikaw, Neng, ano ba. Gusto mo ba ako dito?
E: hay nako, mommy, basta ako, ang gusto ko kung saan hahaba ang buhay mo, dun ka. Kahit malayo ka saken basta maayos ka, yun ang gusto ko.
M: neng, ganyan ka na mag isip ngayon? Dati, tuwing aalis ako, umiiyak ka lagi. Haha ngayon, okay na sayo?
E: syempre gusto ko sana dito ka pero kung mahihirapan ka naman, wag na lang.

At umiyak na sya. Haha
I love you, Ma. Habang buhay po.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I love mommy

She did not mind the long que just to catch the night bus and go home with me.

You still look beautiful, Ma, even with that mask on.

Thank God for giving you to me. I LOVE YOU.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

My Better Half

I just can't imagine a world where we're not together.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Today is My 16th

It's not so easy to be different from the people who seem to be all the same. I do not usually explain why I am odd and peculiar but I guess, people will always wonder why, from their sight, I am an unfamiliar being: my looks, my views, and, generally, my belief and my faith.

I have always been like this since sixteen years ago - I chanced on knowing God's Words. And it sounds weird to this modern world, when people ask me why I am like this, I answer, "Kasi dito ako naliwanagan."

I tried walking away when my mind was giving up but God is so kind that He blessed  me with so many second chances.

I always say that I am unworthy. Even now. Or should I say, especially now. I am unworthy of His goodness. But I am grateful that, I feel, He still wants me here.

Today is my 16th year in the Church. I might not be as fervent as I was when I first knew Him but even if myself is divided to many obligations now, I feel that my faith in God will not be shaken; as if it is rooted in the deepest part of me and can never be taken away by anyone else. I know it is because of His endless mercy and love and faith, as well.

I do not want to excuse or justify myself why I am like this. I suppose it will always sound unusual to them but I pray that they, too, will understand one day why I am choosing this life; The life with God. The life with God's protection and mercy and love.

Life with Him is hopeful. With Him, I am protected and not lost. Endless security I cannot enumerate all. I am just so thankful for today and for the first day He took me in.

Glory to God and to Christ Jesus for everything that I am and I have. Thankful for everything I am not and do not have. Happy 16th to me. TGBTG!